Specialised Dementia Care

Providing compassionate and personalised care for individuals living with dementia.

Providing Compassionate and Specialised Dementia Care Services for Your Loved Ones

Over 470,000 Australians are living with dementia, with 1.6 million involved in their care. Facing dementia, whether personally or as a carer, can be daunting. Mayflower specialises in dementia care, providing tailored programs in our secure residences to engage residents in their favourite activities.

Tailored care plans for individual needs and preferences

Safe and secure environment promoting independence and wellbeing

Engaging activities to stimulate cognitive function and social interaction

When is it Time to Consider Dementia Care?

Dementia encompasses a range of disorders that impair brain function, leading to changes in memory, thinking, and behaviour. As these symptoms become more pronounced, individuals may need specialised care to maintain their safety and overall well-being.

As dementia progresses, those affected may encounter increased communication difficulties, memory lapses, or even behavioural shifts like agitation.

These challenges can make daily caregiving increasingly difficult for family members. If you or a loved one exhibit these changes, it's crucial to consult with medical professionals, such as geriatricians or neurologists, for a thorough diagnosis. Once diagnosed, exploring appropriate dementia care options becomes essential.


Personalised Dementia Care Tailored to Your Needs

Expert Care

Our individualised care plans and ongoing assessments ensure that your evolving needs are met.

Holistic Approach

We address your social, emotional, and spiritual needs to provide comprehensive care.

Supportive Environment

Our caring staff create a safe and nurturing environment for individuals with dementia.

Family Involvement

We encourage family participation and provide support in navigating the journey of dementia.


A Person-Centred Approach to Dementia Care

Dementia has various forms, including Alzheimer's and Lewy Body disease. Each person's experience is unique. At Mayflower, we emphasise person-centred care, tailoring services to individual preferences and past experiences.

By understanding what brings joy to the residents, we ensure safety and meaningful engagement. Every Mayflower caregiver is trained in compassionate communication and respect. Whether you're considering immediate or future dementia care, we collaborate with you to create a tailored plan.

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Dementia Support in a Safe, Comfortable Environment

Mayflower’s qualified health professionals provide specialised dementia care as a part of our Aged Care services, at our state-of-the-art residences in Reservoir, Brighton and Pascoe Vale.

Our Aged Care homes offer safe and secure dementia-friendly rooms. These are thoughtfully designed for residents experiencing various stages of memory loss, from mild to severe cognitive impairment.

Beyond individual rooms, our Residential Aged Care facilities feature a comforting array of spaces and amenities, including hair and beauty salons, bowling greens, sensory gardens, libraries and lounges.


Tapping Into the Past to Enrich the Present

Our friendly and experienced carers facilitate a variety of activities, therapies and other forms of support and engagement for people living with dementia.

We involve residents from our Memory Support Unit in gentle social activities that seek to provide the warmth and comfort of past experiences while creating positive moments in the present.

Residents can exercise mind and body in our sensory gardens, or enjoy the creative stimulation and other health benefits of listening to and making music.

Some people living with dementia also respond well to doll therapy, which can help provide the comfort and socialisation that comes with caring for another. At Mayflower, all of these activities are carried out safely and responsibility, with dignity and respect.

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Learn more about Mayflower’s Dementia Care Services

At Mayflower, we understand the challenges of caring for someone with dementia. Our experienced personal care workers, supported by proven medical research, offer specialised support to ease the transition into Aged Care.

We strive to make this process as stress-free as possible for both care recipients and their loved ones. Eligibility for government subsidies or the option of privately funded in-home support can be discussed during a consultation with an Aged Care Assessment Team.

Contact us at Mayflower to discover more about our dementia care services and how we can assist you during this time.

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Explore our three aged care homes in Melbourne, offering holistic care and vibrant lifestyle programs.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about Aged Care homes and services.

What is Residential Aged Care?

Residential Aged Care is for seniors who can no longer live independently at home. It includes accommodation and personalised care 24/7.

Do you offer specialised dementia care?

Yes, please refer to our dementia care section for more details.

How do I access Aged Care?

Once you’ve decided it’s time to look for an Aged Care home, you can initiate the process in just a few steps: 1) Determine your care eligibility through an Aged Care Assessment. 2) Explore possible facilities, care options and financing details. 3) Choose your preferred provider and submit an application. 4) Review your offer of acceptance and sign the agreement with your new provider. 5) Move in and start making yourself at home.