Compassionate Palliative Care

Providing comfort and support during difficult times.

The Comfort of Palliative Care in an Aged Care Setting

In each of our residences across Melbourne, Mayflower offers individualised palliative care to residents in need of this specialised care.

Holistic approach to pain management and symptom control

Emotional and spiritual support for patients and families

Collaborative care planning for end-of-life preferences

What Is Palliative Care — Aged Care?

At Mayflower, our palliative care focuses on enhancing the quality of life for residents facing serious illnesses, ensuring relief from both physical and emotional discomforts. It's not about hastening or postponing death, but recognising it as a natural part of life. Our approach is deeply family-centric.

We encourage loved ones to actively participate, ensuring they're both involved in the care process and supported emotionally. Residents are empowered to understand and choose their treatment options, ensuring they always feel respected, comfortable, and well looked after.


Personalised Palliative Care Tailored to Your Needs

Flexible Care

At Mayflower, we pride ourselves on offering highly individualised and flexible care plans for our Aged Care residents. From the time you join a Mayflower residence, you will be involved in your own care plans.

Peaceful Environment

We ensure that our Aged Care residents have a quiet and calm environment to call home while being cared for, and that their guests feel welcome and comfortable when they come to visit.

Experienced Carers

A team of registered nurses and other qualified Aged Care workers support specialist palliative care needs and work in partnership with other health care providers to create a comprehensive care plan.

Alleviate Physical and Emotional Pain

We work to reduce the negative physical and psychological effects of an illness and help residents achieve a more peaceful and comfortable state.


Who Qualifies for Palliative Care?

End of life care is an important part of palliative care in Aged Care homes. However, the truth is that anyone experiencing a life-limiting or terminal illness can benefit from specialised palliative care services.

Palliative care requirements will vary from one individual to another. Older people living with advanced dementia, including advanced Alzheimer’s disease, as well as residents experiencing distressing health complications, may benefit from additional palliative care support.

Mayflower’s palliative care services can be adapted to assist our ageing residents to suit their individual health care needs.

Compassionate Care

When is Palliative Care needed?

It’s important to note that palliative care is not only about end-of-life care. You can start a palliative approach in Aged Care in the early stages of a serious illness if you believe the time is right. At Mayflower, your care team will work with you to decide whether palliative care Aged Care could be beneficial.

Compassionate Care

Quality of Life during Palliative Care

As a holistic approach, palliative care is designed to help Aged Care residents maintain a lifestyle that is as active and enjoyable as possible.

You and your family members will notice the improved quality of life made possible through Mayflower’s palliative care Aged Care services.

Quality Care

Residents Actively Participate in Care Decisions

You’ve known what’s right for you throughout your life, so this part of your journey will be no different. We’ll work with you to determine the right plan of action and carry out a personalised care plan that respects your wishes.

Whether you require emotional support, help with day-to-day activities, or pain management assistance, our registered nurses will be there for you. All throughout the process, our carers and staff will demonstrate a dignified, respectful and compassionate approach to meeting your care requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about Aged Care homes and services.

What is Residential Aged Care?

Residential Aged Care is for seniors who can no longer live independently at home. It includes accommodation and personalised care 24/7.

How do I access Aged Care?

Once you’ve decided it’s time to look for an Aged Care home, you can initiate the process in just a few steps: 1) Determine your care eligibility through an Aged Care Assessment. 2) Explore possible facilities, care options and financing details. 3) Choose your preferred provider and submit an application. 4) Review your offer of acceptance and sign the agreement with your new provider. 5) Move in and start making yourself at home.