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Transparent pricing and government support options for personalised
In-Home Care services.
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Discover Specialised In-Home Care Services and Government Support Options

The ability to live independently with quality Home Care and support is priceless. However, there are still fees and funding options to consider.

At Mayflower, our friendly team is available to help you navigate Home Care package costs, access funding and get the necessary Home Care services in place.

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Government Support Programs

Four Ways to Fund Home Care Services

Who covers Home Care package costs? It all depends on your financial situation. Whether you’re seeking Home Care for an ageing parent or need a bit of extra support yourself, there are four main ways to fund Home Care services.

Commonwealth Home Support Program


The CHSP is typically available through your local council and offers entry-level financial support for In-Home Care services. This programme can help offset the costs of basic assistance, whether you’re recovering from an illness or simply need more support at home.

While accepting funding through the CHSP, you’ll receive a government subsidy for necessary services but may also be asked to make contributions if you can afford to do so.

Home Care Packages


The federal government’s My Aged Care - Home Care Packages include four levels of funding to help meet different care needs. Home Care Package subsidies contribute to the total cost of your service and care delivery.

The amount you may receive will be based on your required level of care. It is also expected that you will contribute to the cost of your care if you can afford to.

Package level
Service level
Yearly funding
Fortnightly funding
Level 1
Basic care needs
Level 2
Low-level care needs
Level 3
Intermediate care needs
Level 4
High-level care needs

If you’re eligible for any of the following Home Care supplements, you may be able to receive additional funding from the government as well:

Dementia and cognition supplement

Oxygen supplement

Enteral feeding supplement

Veterans’ supplement (when care requirements relate to mental health conditions)

Viability supplement (in rural or remote areas)

Private Home Care Plan


At Mayflower, our Private Home Care plans provide tailored support on a fee-for-service basis. Unlike a Home Care Package, these self-funded plans are not government subsidised.

Here are some reasons you might choose Private Home Care:

You’re waiting to get government-funded services approved but would like immediate support

You’re in a stronger financial situation

You don’t meet eligibility requirements for government subsidies

You would prefer not to go through the health and income assessments required for government funding

Private Home Care can be arranged on a short term or ongoing basis, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. It can be particularly useful if you are caught off guard. As no assessment or subsidy is required – the help arrives immediately.

Hybrid Plan


There really is no one-size-fits-all approach to covering Home Care package costs, which is why Mayflower offers you the flexibility to choose your preferred service level and payment plan.

It’s possible to combine Private Home Care with My Aged Care Home Care Package funds into a hybrid and fully customised In-Home Care plan.

Understanding Home Care Package Costs


Basic Daily Fee

Providers can charge up to a cap set by the Department of Health, based on the single age pension. As of March 2024, this is up to $12.75/day. However, Mayflower doesn't charge this, reducing your overall costs.


Income-Tested Care Fee

Determined by your financial situation, this fee varies:

  • Full pensioners: $0

  • Part pensioners: Up to $6,661.80/year

  • Self-funded retirees: Up to $13,323.68/year


Additional Fees

These cover extra goods or services beyond the government-subsidised package. Exclusions often include rent, non-care-related home modifications, holidays, groceries, and other discretionary items.

Mayflower’s Home Care Costs

If you're contemplating Home Care services, it's essential to understand the associated costs. At Mayflower, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in navigating the rates, ensuring a tailored plan meets your care requirements and budget considerations. For transparency, our complete fee schedule is always available for your review.


Our services and their starting rates are as follows:

Determined by your financial situation, this fee varies:

  • Personal care services: $74/hr

  • In-home respite care: $74/hr

  • Cleaning and household tasks: $74/hr

  • Specialised nursing care with a registered nurse: $125/hr

  • Dedicated overnight care: $450/evening.

Estimating Your Home Care Costs With Mayflower

Whether you or a loved one receive government-funded Home Care, pay for a private plan or choose a hybrid funding model, you’ll always receive the highest quality of care.

Our team at Mayflower can provide guidance on what you can expect to pay. You can also estimate of your likely fees by visiting the MyAgedCare Fee Estimator.