Open Disclosure Policy

We believe in open communication and transparency in all our interactions.

Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in Care

Open disclosure aligns with the values and service ethos which underpin the Mayflower philosophy and is a requirement of the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Transparency is Key

Open disclosure is the discussion we have with you if something goes wrong that has harmed you, or had the potential to harm you. Open disclosure is a two-way exchange that may take place in several meetings over a period of time. Open disclosure is not a legal process or about apportioning blame. Open disclosure does not affect your rights in any manner.

We learn of incidents through:

  • Feedback from you, your family, or representatives
  • Staff reports via our complaints process
  • Our internal quality reviews
  • The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission's evaluations or complaints.

Mayflower has a two-stage open disclosure process

Stage One is an informal process where staff will talk openly with you and/or your representative.

The staff member will:

  • acknowledge that an incident has occurred apologise or express regret including the words, ‘I am/we are sorry’
  • provide a factual explanation of what happened
  • provide an opportunity for you and/or your representative to relate your experience
  • discuss any potential consequences of the incident, and
  • explain the steps being taken to:— manage the incident— determine what happened, and—  prevent reoccurrence.

The initial discussion will normally take place within 24 hours of the incident.

Transparency is Key

Stage Two is a formal process which follows on from the informal discussion. It is intended to facilitate effective and timely communications between you and/or your representative, the most senior staff member involved in your care, and a staff member acting on behalf of Mayflower.

You and/or your representative may decide to proceed to the formal process for any incident.

If you do not wish to go ahead with the formal discussion at the time of the incident, Mayflower will provide you with details of a person you can contact if you decide to proceed at a later time or if you have further questions.

More information
A comprehensive open disclosure guide for consumers is available from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission