Celebrating the Remarkable Contributions of Our Volunteers during National Volunteer Week

June 2, 2023

At Mayflower, we recently celebrated National Volunteer Week by expressing our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated volunteers. The highlight of the week was a special afternoon tea, where volunteers from across our Mayflower sites were invited to be showered with appreciation.

During the event, each volunteer received a personal gift as a token of our gratitude. We also presented certificates to honour those who have served us for 5, 10, and 20 years - marking significant milestones of their commitment and dedication.

“We would like to especially acknowledge Rochelle, Christine, Stephanie and Gwen for their 10 years of dedication, and Adeline, Diana and Anna for an incredible 20 years. We salute you.”

Our volunteers play a vital role in various areas, from tending gardens and quiz mastery, to running bingo, serving in the gift shop, and with thanks to Adeline, our wonderful kiosk trolley service. A talented photographer even captured the event, preserving the special moments forever.

Mayflower CEO, Stuart Rodney, delivered a heartfelt speech that brought laughter and warmth to the gathering, emphasising the immense value our volunteers bring. Joy, gratitude, and love filled the air, reminding us of their incredible impact on our community.

A generous donation of eight exquisite flower arrangements added an extra touch of beauty to the occasion, and they were gifted as an additional token of appreciation to our volunteers at the end of the event.

Mayflower CEO, Stuart, expressed his gratitude at the event, highlighting our volunteers’ profound impact in connecting with residents. Through their selfless contributions, they combat loneliness and bring a sense of purpose to both themselves and those they support.

Our volunteers bring their unique skills and time, enriching the lives of those in our care. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated and talented group of volunteers who continue to make a difference in the Mayflower world.

If you are inspired to ‘Make a Difference’ and join our team of Mayflower volunteers, please call 1300 522 273. Your contribution can create meaningful connections and bring joy to the lives of many.

This years milestone certificates:

5 years

  • Susan Young
  • Sandra Scott
  • Ian Ranson
  • Nicholas Kershaw
  • Kevin Kim
  • Jonathan Chamberlin

10 years

  • Rochelle Rodriques
  • Christine Nicholson
  • Stephanie Hubbard
  • Gwen Hollow

20 years

  • Adeline D’Souza
  • Diana Crabtree
  • Anna Cicuto