1 Million Dollars, Granted. Mayflower Reservoir Set to Soar.

September 28, 2023

The picturesque Mayflower Reservoir, home to many cherished memories, has been bestowed with a gift that promises to paint an even brighter future for residents. A gracious grant of $1 million has been awarded to Mayflower by the Department of Health and Ageing.

“The grant is for the purpose of funding individual aged care facilities to achieve innovative service delivery for older people from diverse communities,” says Rebecca, Mayflower Executive Director of Quality, Risk and Compliance. “The money has been assigned to a range of different projects to further enhance the lives of Mayflower Reservoir’s residents and will be tailored to their diverse cultural backgrounds and varying abilities and interests”.

This isn’t just a monetary contribution but a pledge to enrich the lives of residents, reminding them of the beauty of yesteryears and providing a glimpse into the vibrant tomorrows.

With this generous grant, Mayflower Reservoir is set to usher in a series of enhancements and new additions to its already distinguished facilities and services:

A Journey Back in Time: With the acquisition of state-of-the-art virtual reality technology and musical instruments to be placed in the gardens, residents can be transported to days of old, rekindling precious memories and emotions.

Social and Leisure Hubs: The upcoming bocce court and the introduction of a Tovertafel game console promises hours of engagement, fun, laughter, and camaraderie.

Sensory Stimulation and a Homely Touch: An offering of vistas of sun-kissed Italian and Grecian landscapes will be a delight to the senses. Introduction of wall murals throughout the home to further enhance a home-like environment and assist with wayfinding. Further enhancing the sense of belonging and aiding in navigation, door skins will grace the doors of residents' rooms in the Murray Unit, creating an environment reminiscent of one's own home.

A Meeting of Generations: The soon-to-be-installed park play area, visible from the café, offers residents a chance to revel in the innocent joys of watching children play, bridging the age gap and weaving the tapestry of life with threads old and new.

A Hub of Connection: With enhancements to the café, residents and the local community can strengthen bonds over a warm cuppa, engaging in heartfelt conversations and shared memories.

Spaces of Solace: The memory support unit is set to have additional living spaces and quiet reflection corners, ensuring that residents have serene environments to recollect, ponder, and rejuvenate.

Nature’s Embrace: Enhancements are not just limited to the indoors. The external milieu will soon be graced with a hot house, a handy garden shed, a Mediterranean-style garden, and a sensory garden. These additions, featuring scented plants and textured foliage, will engage the senses and serve as tranquil sanctuaries for residents.

In the heart of Mayflower Reservoir, these innovations signify not just physical enhancements, but a deep-rooted commitment to nurturing the soul, reminding everyone that life, at any stage, is brimming with possibilities, memories, and connections. And, as these changes unfold, the community can look forward to many more cherished moments at Mayflower Reservoir, with gratitude to the Department of Health and Ageing for their generous support.

Pictured above: Mayflower Reservoir, a place filled with cherished memories, now shines even brighter thanks to a generous $1 million grant from the Department of Health and Ageing, offering a promising future for residents.