20 Years of Service - Congratulations Yelena

October 19, 2022

Wow, 20 years!

We are celebrating enrolled nurse Yelena, who recently reached a very significant milestone with us.

Yelena is known for her love of orchards, and her passion for caring for seniors.

Yelena shares a special message for people considering coming to live at Mayflower, with a special recommendation for her household.

“Welcome! Come to Rennolds House, Yelena will look after you!” she says with a brilliant smile.

And to residents and staff who have helped Yelena through the years - Yelena shares her gratitude. “I want to send thanks to all residents in Mayflower and all staff who have supported me through the years. It’s amazing how people can help you emotionally”.

“Life isn’t always easy, we have good days sometimes and we can have bad days, but the people at Mayflower are always there for me.”