5 Surprising Benefits of Word Games for Seniors

November 9, 2020

At Mayflower, word games such as Target Word are one of the most requested group activities. And as you read through these five surprising benefits, you will see why the game is in-demand.

It’s no secret that word games such as Target Word and Crossword puzzles help grow your vocabulary as you discover new words and their meanings, but they have other surprising benefits too! Find out our top five below.

Hitesh And Residents Low Res

Lifestyle assistant Hitesh hosts the ever-popular activity, Target Word. Residents are engaged and their brains are active, as they try to discover the hidden 9 letter word to solve the puzzle.

Improve your thinking

As we age, it becomes harder to solve problems and to think on the spot. Word games are an excellent way to practice and strengthen your problem-solving skills. It’s not just word games that are beneficial. Puzzles with numbers such as Sudoku are also great.

Boost your self esteem

We all love it when we win, and solving a puzzle or finding an impressive answer is a great mood booster. It also helps build self-esteem and can help alleviate boredom, and anxiety, too.

Build social connections

Fun and challenging word games in a group setting promotes social interaction and group discussions. How? In Target Word, residents often come up with words that many of us have never heard. This usually results in a heated debate or discussion around its spelling and meaning, as the lifestyle assistant feverishly Googles the new word to help solve the mystery.

Reduce the risk of dementia

According to Dementia Australia, keeping the brain active is thought to build reserves of healthy brain cells and connections between them. Numerous studies suggest that engaging in mentally stimulating activities is associated with better cognitive function and can help reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Stimulate new learning

Stepping up from a word game that’s easy and familiar to something harder or new stimulates brain activity and learning. This happens because your brain now needs to generate new memories and delve into old ones, so you can solve the puzzle and enjoy its benefits.

Hitesh TW Low Res

Can you guess the 9 letter word?