A Great Day to Fly

April 14, 2020

Residents of Mayflower Brighton had a fun filled day visiting the Melbourne Star Wheel on a chilly Summer’s day. It is outings like these that we look forward to enjoying once again when we return to our normal routines.

Official Photo

Pictured above: Lifestyle Assistant Genevieve, Pam, Marj. Barbara, Judy and Lifestyle Assistant Puneet in front of the 'green screen' for a fun virtual group photograph.

While the sky was ominous as we headed off on this outdoor adventure, the rain held off. Residents Pam, Marj, Barbara and Judy were pleased to stay dry as they made their way from the private minibus and into their Melbourne Star gondola, along with Lifestyle staff members Puneet and Genevieve.

Soon it was up, up and away, with residents enjoying the freedom to walk around the large interior of the gondola, soaking up the views and remarking on how the Melbourne skyline has changed over the years.

Pam W commented on the vast view “it’s so interesting seeing things you wouldn’t normally see and getting out and about. We were lucky to see as much as we did, it was dull weather, but we were able to see a lot.”

Judy also thought it was a great view and a well-designed display of engineering “it’s an amazing structure. Whoever thought it up is very clever!”

After the gondola visit the group whisked themselves over to San Churros, enjoying some signature donuts and hot drinks, while reminiscing about their day.

When the group were asked how they enjoyed the day trip, in unison they exclaimed “it was lovely!” with Marj adding “we really are spoilt at Mayflower! It was such a lovely time!”


The rain stopped so we could gain a better view as we rose to the top of the Melbourne Star.


Barbara and Puneet discuss the unusual modern architecture.


Genevieve and Barbara discover how the Melbourne skyline has changed over the years with the audio commentary.


We made it to the top! What a spectacular view.