A persuasive exhibition

November 14, 2018

A recent visit to the “Be Persuaded" travelling exhibition reignited a passion for Jane Austin Novels with residents at Mayflower Brighton.

“I wish as well as everybody else to be perfectly happy; But, like everybody else, it must be in my own way.”

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Jane Austin is a favourite author of many Mayflower residents, so there was great excitement when residents had the opportunity to visit the Dressing Australia – Museum of Costume “Be Persuaded" travelling exhibition.

The Mayflower Brighton lifestyle team organised the short trip to the Glen Eira City Council Gallery, aboard the Mayflower bus for interested groups of residents.

The assortment of costumes, fashion accessories and fashion art is one of the most comprehensive collections outside of the United Kingdom.

The exhibition marks the 200th anniversary of Jane Austin’s death, celebrates her life and explores fashion of the era.

Thirteen mannequins represent Jane Austen, her family and characters from her novels, ranging from the late 18th century to the 1840s.

A highlight of the exhibition was the rare hand-painted watercolours detailing the fashion of the era. A notable feature was an exceptional 18th-century silk gown, drawing much appreciation from residents visiting the exhibition.

Residents pored over multiple cabinet items ranging from Regency era shoes and stockings to bonnets and more ‘intimate items’.

Many residents were inspired by the exhibition, and the Mayflower library experienced a high demand for Jane Austin’s books after the visit.

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