A Sparky Duo: Shay and Ella's Pawsitive Impact

July 28, 2023

Meet Shay, our skilled electrician, and his beautiful dog, Ella, a Border Collie cross Kelpie treasure.

Together, they form an exceptional team, bringing joy and companionship to residents, visitors and our team across Mayflower.

Pictured above: Shay and Ella's unmistakably close bond is electrifying! This dynamic duo bring a smile (and a spark!) across Mayflower wherever they go!

Shay has been a dedicated electrician at Mayflower for many years, ensuring that essential services are well-maintained for comfort, safety, and entertainment. But, what sets Shay apart is his thoughtful decision to bring Ella along as his furry apprentice.

Ella's sweet and docile nature instantly wins the hearts of everyone she meets. As Shay goes about his work, Ella faithfully follows him around the residence, spreading happiness wherever she goes. Residents adore her, and Ella seems to have an innate sense of knowing when someone needs a gentle nuzzle to brighten their day, “everyone just wants to say hello to Ella,” says Shay, “she's the star of the show!”

The benefits of pet therapy in aged care are well-known, and Ella's presence contributes immensely to the well-being of residents. Interacting with her can help reduce stress, boredom and loneliness, and her visits bring comfort and a sense of joy and normalcy to their lives.

“Oftentimes people thank me for the therapeutic benefits of bringing her in, as though it is a favour, but in reality, her visits are great for everyone - including Ella!” says Shay.

Ella's pawsitive impact extends beyond residents.

Our teams across Mayflower enjoy her company just as much. Team members often take a moment to give her a pat or a tasty treat, fostering a pawsitive and uplifting atmosphere for everyone.

During their rounds, Shay and Ella also provide their dual-purpose service to Mayflower retirement-living residents, too. Ella's cheerful presence is a delightful addition to their day, and they eagerly await her visits, showering her with affection, too.

At the end of a busy day, Ella finds respite in Shay's trusty ute, taking a well-deserved nap while he finishes his work.

Shay and Ella exemplify the special bond between humans and their animal companions. Their partnership at Mayflower goes beyond being a skilled electrician and his furry apprentice; they are beacons of joy and compassion. Their presence across Mayflower is a heartwarming reminder of the power of companionship and the pawsitively therapeutic impact that pets can have in aged care.

Pictured above: Ella politely requests a treat from team member Lisa, at Mayflower Brighton.

Pictured above: Jim loves dogs, and dogs love him, too! Here is Jim enjoying a pat and a cuddle at Mayflower Reservoir.

Pictured above: After a long day of socialising and receiving pats, Ella finds solace in the shade of Shay's ute.