A Zooper Day!

December 12, 2019

The Zoo is a wonderful world where childhood memories are made and remembered.

Mayflower 46T0387

Resident Tony Venetakis enjoying the safari views

Melbourne Zoo is a not-for-profit organisation, aiming to inspire animal lovers of all ages by strengthening the connection between people and animals from all around the globe, and our residents are no exception.

Residents from Mayflower Reservoir enjoyed a much-anticipated trip to the Zoo on a lovely sunny day in late Spring. As residents explored the many habitats, they were able to witness exotic and endangered species such as Snow Leopards, Lions, Red Pandas, Sumatran Tigers, Gorillas, as well as the resident Asian Elephant family and Orang-utans.

As the exploration continued residents enjoyed the magnificent sight of Giraffes and Zebras as well as native Australian species including the Southern Cassowary and Tasmanian Devil, now known to be critically endangered where they were once a common sight.

The Butterfly House, which houses Australia’s native tropical and subtropical butterflies in a warm and humid glasshouse was quite the hit. Hundreds of dazzling butterflies fluttered about, landing from plant to plant, and on staff members and residents alike.  

With a smile, resident Bruce Stansbury said “I really, really enjoyed the zoo!”

The group spent time reminiscing about their day and childhood over lunch at the popular Café, remarking “what a lovely day it turned out to be! Not too hot, not too cold, just right.”

The zoo visit is one of many events on the Mayflower Reservoir calendar, which aims to deliver a choice of activities and outings to inspire active minds and active bodies. Residents and their families are encouraged to offer ideas to help ensure that each individual resident can be engaged in what they enjoy most.

The sights, sounds and scents will remain a fond memory for all who attended.

Mayflower 46T0360

Lifestyle staff member Helen with Resident Tony Venetakis and Norma Bennett walking the trail

Mayflower 46T0379

Resident Bruce Stanbury also enjoying the Safari

Mayflower 46T0381

The group along with staff member Gary enjoyed their time at the Zoo

Mayflower 46T0397

Lifestyle staff member Helen with Resident Norma Bennett