Aedie’s Music Project Gets Toes Tapping

July 5, 2022

A surprising dance anthem recently saw residents tapping their feet and hitting the dance floor at Mayflower Brighton.

Meet Aedie.  

Aedie is a year nine student, from Firbank Grammar School with a passion for music and helping others have a good time.

“I am doing a problem-solving unit, studying music’s impact on elderly people,” says Aedie.

“My project includes playing throwback songs from the resident’s generation and, with permission, filming a video showing the impact.”

Pictured here: Liz and Aedie found a connection that bridges the generational gap - music.

Mayflower residents jumped at the opportunity to help Aedie with her project, and have some fun along the way.

Aedie prepared a special playlist for our community, complete with lyrics. She also left plenty of room to take song requests – with well-loved war-time songs and hits from The Sound of Music being popular requests.  

A highlight of the evening was testing a more modern dance anthem - Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner - proving to be a surprising hit among residents.  

Our team, Aedie, and residents Liz, Helen and Anna found themselves dancing to the popular song, making up their own steps and giggling as they went.

At Mayflower, we love to include members from our broader community in facilitating meaningful activities – nurturing a sense of wellbeing and community connection for those in our care.

Pictured above: Helen gets dancing with team member Flora