AFL Footy Tipping Legends Across Mayflower

October 13, 2022

Our Annual AFL Grand Final parties across our Mayflower Communities provided the perfect warm-up to the big day that saw the Cats win against the Swans.

At each event, team colour was overflowing - with residents and our team supporting their footy clubs in coloured scarves and cheer - eagerly awaiting the results of the big day ahead.

At Mayflower Reservoir, the fun-filled afternoon was bursting with enthusiasm from avid footy fans and supporters alike.

Dressed in team colours, everyone joined in to take part in some very fun footy-themed games, including the annual ball tossing competition.

The footy tipping award winner was also announced – with nurse Theresa taking out the win!

At Mayflower Brighton, residents, family and team members watched the game in style – on the big screen.

The parties were both made complete, with a traditional Aussie ‘footy feast,’ of pies and footy franks.

Pictured above: Special events are a highlight for Irene, pictured here with Lifestyle team members Aman and Helen. This lively photo captures a moment during their annual AFL Grand Final party, when Irene was about to score a goal in the ball tossing competition.

Pictured above: At Mayflower Reservoir, our team joined in on the fun and wore their team colours.

Pictured above: Chris was one of the happy winners of the ball tossing competition.