Alice Turns 100 - A Century of Love and Adventure

April 5, 2024

Meet Alice,who has just celebrated her 100th birthday in April, joining the 'Centenarian Club' with style and grace.

Celebrating a life rich in love, adventure, and unwavering dedication, Alice marked her remarkable milestone of a century on this earth. Alice's journey is one of boundless joy and profound connections, with her devotion to her family shining brightly as she continues to inspire those around her with her unwavering strength and love.

Alice with her three children during her 100th Birthday Celebration at Mayflower Reservoir. Left to right, Alice, Karen, Peter and Robyn.

In 1948,Alice married Jack, and together they built a beautiful family, raising three children – Robyn, Peter, and Karen – and welcoming seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, with a third coming in June, into their lives.

Alice and Jack met through their mutual love of tennis at the Regent Tennis Club in Reservoir.

Alice is a woman of many talents; she has been a skilled bookkeeper and a master of shorthand and typing. “Mum excelled as a homemaker, a devoted wife and mother, always there for everyone, strong and supportive, she lives for her family,” says Alice’s daughter, Karen.

Alice was 67 when Jack passed away, she lived independently in their family home until 98 years, and she was also driving until an impressive age.
“She drove confidently until 95, when Covid put an end to that activity, she was fully supported by my sister Robyn to enable mum to live at home as long as she did,” says Karen, “now, she is thriving at Mayflower!”

Her greatest passion is tennis, it filled her life with playing both social and competition and administering the game through her service to the Preston Mid-Week Ladies Tennis Association, where she cherished lifelong friendships. All three children played tennis, with Peter being a professional tennis coach and Karen working for Tennis Australia, Alice continues to love to watch the tennis, footy and cricket on television.

Alice believes keeping active is part of her secret to a long and healthy life. “I enjoy watching tennis ,” says Alice, “I played at Regent and Cranross Tennis Clubs in Reservoir until I was 75!”

Continuing to stay active is her mantra, whether it is through regular walks with friends, armchair exercises and activities – Alice enjoys keeping both her body and brain fit.

Beach holidays have been a cherished part of Alice's life, with Point Lonsdale, Ocean Grove, and Seaford her favourite destinations. With her parents, Arthur and Ula, Alice enjoyed fishing and camping trips to Bendigo.  And with her husband Jack, there was the annual trip to Narooma in New South Wales.

Never shying away from an excuse to socialise with friends, Alice keeps her social calendar busy with the activities on offer, with live music performances at Happy Hour being the favourite. The biggest smile is saved for her family visits which she cherishes -and she has lost none of her sense of humour!

As Alice reaches this incredible milestone, she does so by love and cherished memories, a testament to a life well-lived.

Happy 100thBirthday, Alice!

Alice with her husband Jack in their younger years together.
Alice (pictured in the middle) has played and loved tennis all of her life.
Alice enjoyed a 100th birthday cake with her friends and family, and even a live music performance.
Alice's friend of 50+ years and fellow Tennis player also attended her special day.
Alice was surprised with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Mayflower, presented to her by Chief Operating Officer, Simon.