Aloha! Hawaiian Day at Mayflower Reservoir

March 10, 2018

With the familiar strumming of ukuleles, joyous laughter, chinking of cocktail glasses, and Hawaiian hula dancing, you could very well be forgiven for thinking you have been whisked away to a Hawaiian island.


For Mayflower Reservoir residents, it’s another of their hugely anticipated specially themed days – and this time, the residents lounge room is full for ‘Hawaiian Day’.

The staff at Mayflower Reservoir thought it would be fun to have a regular celebration to help make residents from different backgrounds feel welcome and encourage interaction amongst all residents and staff. The themed days held monthly are aimed at giving residents the experience of different cultures and food from around the world. Hawaiian Day in March was aimed at giving the residents a feeling of being on a tropical oasis sipping cocktails and eating Hawaiian pizza while dancing the afternoon away listening to Hawaiian music replete with ukuleles.

Hawaiian Day Mayflower Staff Donald Campbell Hirst Aged Care Residential Brighton Reservoir Macleod 3

The themed days are highly anticipated by the residents, who can provide input with their own ideas and advice with the planning. But it also allows them to reminisce about past experiences from traveling or going to the beach with friends and family.

The events are also a hit with Mayflowers staff who all enjoy organising and hosting the themed days, and even performing for the residents. For Hawaiian Day, staff wore grass skirts and Hawaiian leis and performed dances including the Hawaiian Hula, encouraging the residents to get on their feet and have a little shimmy also.

Hawaiian Day Mayflower Staff Normabennett Aged Care Residential Brighton Reservoir Macleod 2

Next month, Mayflower Reservoir residents will need to dust off their sombreros and dancing shoes again as they will be treated to a Mexican fiesta. Olé!