Anzacs for the ANZACS

May 17, 2019

Mayflower Brighton’s weekly cooking session took on significant meaning recently, as residents baked Anzac biscuits to honour our troops for Anzac Day.

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A number of our aged care residents regularly attend our cooking sessions to enjoy this fun activity in a social and secure environment. It is also an excellent opportunity to reminisce about great meals and swap favourite recipes.

Malliga, one of our lifestyle team members, led residents through the making of the biscuits, with residents discussing their take on Anzac biscuits that they used to make at home. Some of the residents had never made Anzacs from scratch and were quite excited to experience the process.

Of course, the cooking session was followed with a hot cuppa and the delicious Anzac biscuits, which certainly didn’t last long once they were served.

Residents thoroughly enjoyed the cooking session, commenting that the activity bought back many happy memories while enjoying a chat with other residents. For many residents, coming together to enjoy food enhances the strong sense of community that they enjoy at Mayflower.

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