A Pooch a Day Is All You Need

April 8, 2022

Our generous team at Mayflower Brighton is known for bringing in their pet dogs to ‘share the love’ with residents.

And, most recently volunteers from the Delta Therapy Dogs program have returned, visiting people in their rooms, the lounge, and wherever they feel most comfortable.

Bev G Cropped

Pictured above is Bev, with a very ‘Good Girl’ Amber enjoying a cuddle in the lounge.

Delta’s Therapy Dog team is a very special group of volunteers who willingly give their time and share their beloved pets.

These adorable pooches have gentle, calm natures and love being patted and being told how good they really are!

These visits are particularly beneficial for residents who share special connections with dogs and have a love of animals. Research shows pets such as dogs have a positive impact on social, emotional, physical, and physiological health, improving quality of life and the overall well-being of those involved. Patting and cuddling a pooch can even lower your blood pressure.

A doggy treat and a smoochy pooch are all the ingredients needed for this recipe of smiles and love.