Aquapainting, Smiles and Meaningful Engagement

May 8, 2020

Mayflower Reservoir residents have achieved some lovely results with a new activity they can do in their own time, using 'Aquapaint'.

Giovanna Paint Crop Low Res

Pictured above: Giovana is concentrating on her steam train image, and bringing the image to life by painting it with water.

‘Aquapaint’ is a unique and reusable painting product, that has been specifically designed for people living with dementia, but that doesn’t stop other keen participants from wanting to have a go, at any age or ability.

The artwork starts off as a black outline on an A4 canvas, to help guide the artist.

To reveal the image, each resident paints their canvas with water, bringing the artwork to life with a kaleidoscope of colour.

By tailoring activities to individual abilities and interests of residents in our care, such as by using an innovative product such as this, Mayflower staff can help residents reach a sense of achievement and self-accomplishment, as well as work on and maintain the dexterity of their fingers.

Sometimes it can be a bit more challenging to find meaningful activities for male residents, however with an array of images available that include topics they are more inclined to be interested in, such as gardening and tools, we are able to engage them with this activity, too.

Once the image is revealed, conversation and memories are inspired. The result? Smiles and meaningful engagement.

“Residents enjoy watching the different pictures appear and identifying what they are. It truly inspires conversation and give us the opportunity to spend time reminiscing.” Says Helen, our Mayflower Reservoir Coordinator. “Residents find it amazing that they can bring these nice colourful big prints to life with no mess!”

Margaret Paint2 Crop Low Res

Piuctured above: Margaret smiles as she paints. It is so very rewarding to see residents engaged and enjoying themselves.