Been There, Done That! Lindsay’s Book Launch a Success

February 19, 2024

Mayflower Brighton Independent living resident, Lindsay, recently celebrated the launch of his memoir, “Been There, Done That! Life On A Roller Coaster.”

The successful launch was held by the Caulfield Grammarians’ Association in November 2023.

As a Caulfield Grammar alumnus, Lindsay’s remarkable journey began at the school in 1936, spanning roles as a student, and much later as President of the School Council.

During his years at Caulfield, Lindsay’s achievements were vast — from excelling academically and athletically to becoming a prominent figure in school governance.

Later qualifying as a lawyer, he had a distinguished business career, spending nearly 30 years with Australian international pharmaceutical company Aspro Nicholas - where he spent 15 years living overseas with his family in five countries before returning to Australia as CEO for ten years before retiring.

Post Aspro Nicholas, Lindsay chaired or was a member of several company boards, including giving his time to his two special community interests: Epworth Hospital, where he was Chairman of the Board and the Foundation, and at Caulfield Grammar where, in his role as President of Council, he oversaw transformative developments at the school. His roles have made lasting changes that will benefit generations to come.

Beyond his professional success, Lindsay’s memoir captures the essence of a life richly lived, from yachting triumphs to being recognised with an AM (Member of the Order of Australia) in 1996.

Photo credit: Caulfield Grammarians’ Association

Family Life, and Inspiration to Become a Published Author

Lindsay's late wife, Valda, was a distinguished artist and was awarded an OAM for her efforts (Medal of the Order of Australia). “In 2019, she was awarded at the age of 90 for her contribution to the visual arts, the year before she passed away,” says Lindsay. Valda also kept a regular journal, which greatly assisted in writing the memoir. The pair were married for some 70 years and shared countless memorable moments that helped inspire Lindsay’s writing.

Once Lindsay started writing it became a trip down memory lane with all the wonderful activities events and adventures he experienced, as well as the highs and lows that went with them.

“I wrote the first 25 pages some 10 years ago and came across the text in my files some 18 months ago and decided that as my wife Valda and I, and our family of three children Steve, Rowena and Doug had had such a wonderful life together, I should finish it for the benefit of my descendants,” says Lindsay.

When you have lived your life of 9 decades in 6 countries around the world, and visited and stayed overnight in another 62, and have enjoyed the love and companionship of an astonishing wife and wonderful family, the urge to record your story for the benefit of your descendants becomes as trong one.

“When members of my family read the final draft, they convinced me that it had potential for wider interest than just family!”

The memoir is proving popular, with many copies being sold, “so far I have given nearly a hundred copies to family and good friends andsold another two-hundred and fifty,” says Lindsay.

The book itself is clear and easy to read, and “you will find his story fits its title and sub-title. You will also find that this story has an appeal much wider than just to his family and written in his own words with clarity and good humour, it is hard to put down,” says Heather, Independent Living Coordinator.

Photo credit: Caulfield Grammarians’ Association.

Through reading his book you will discover some key themes:

· Seize life and endeavour to enjoy every possible minute on this incredible planet Earth. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

· Develop the ability to ‘move on’ through life -it is far too short (even 94 years) to harbour grudges. The brain may not let you forget but the power to forgive comes from the heart.

If you would like to purchase a copy, follow this link:

Lindsay describes this very special photo taken at the launch: “The family photo from the launch are all members of my family with daughter Rowena and younger son Doug second and third from the left, and daughter-in-law Jane far right, and the remainder are grandchildren and partners/spouses. Missing are two grandsons living with their spouses/partners in Canada and USA and Rowena's partner Al. My first and only great-grandchild, Thomas (Tommy) has since arrived! Missing and no longer with us are my beloved wife Val a well-known sculptor and painter who received an OAM at the age of ninety "for her contribution to the visual arts" in 2019, the year before she died, and my older son Steve, married to Jane, who died in late 2022 from a massive stroke. I still miss them both greatly” says Lindsay.

Photo credit: Caulfield Grammarians’ Association