Brighton's Thank You Bridge

May 19, 2020

Mayflower residents have created a ‘Bridge of Thankfulness’ to pay tribute to our amazing community.

DSC00997 Low Res

Pictured above: The rainbow assortment of waving hand cut-outs made by residents, organised into a rainbow heart which is visible on the other side and can be seen from the street. The waving hands were inspired by the Volunteering Australia campaign asking Australians to wave to say thank you to volunteers.

As the seasons change and special occasions come and go, the footbridge at Mayflower Brighton is decorated with fun and interesting themes with the help of staff and residents. The new ‘Bridge of Thankfulness’ was inspired by a recent community wide campaign to Wave Appreciation for Volunteers.

Residents have taken their thank you message one step further, and have been busy making rainbow coloured waving hands and hearts to say thank you to our staff, family members, friends and other residents, as well as our volunteers, that have all contributed so much to our community.

The bridge features a rainbow assortment of waving hand cut-outs, organised into a rainbow heart which is visible from the street. Smiling faces of waving residents and staff members saying thank you, accompany the display. There is also a large rainbow, as a symbol of hope, with a big THANK YOU that can easily be viewed from the street to thank our broader community.

Along the bridge, on the opposite side of the rainbow, ‘Thank You’ notes are proudly displayed, addressed to the many caring people in our community, including our nurses, carers and support staff, as well as residents’ friends and relatives.

Our residents and members of staff across our locations were also involved in making videos as part of Volunteering Australias campaign 'Wave Your Appreciation for Volunteers.' You can read more about this by clicking here.

We are all very thankful to be part of the Mayflower Community.

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Pictured above: The message is clear from both sides of the windows - Thank You.

DSC00998 Low Res

Pictured above: The rainbow was chosen as a symbol for peace and hope during these unprecedented times. Giving back to the broader community - there has also been a 'rainbow hunt' by children across Australia, popularised on facebook by many households participating, and staff and residents wanted to play a part.

DSC01030 Low Res

Pictured above: Staff and residents wave to show their appreciatin for all the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.

DSC01031 Low Res

Pictured above: Mores smiling and waving participants, all gratful for they help and support we receive.