Celebrating Harmony at Mayflower

March 21, 2019

World Harmony week is much anticipated at Mayflower with staff and residents from both Brighton and Reservoir celebrating the diversity and cultural backgrounds of the Mayflower family.

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Brighton staff enjoyed a tasty luncheon on the outside terrace, and luck was on our side as we were blessed with beautiful Autumn weather. A variety of multicultural food included sticky Chinese sweet and sour chicken, a spicy Indian vegetarian curry and a fresh Thai salad were enjoyed by attendees.

Staff wore a hint of orange to symbolise harmony as traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations.

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Reservoir residents and staff enjoyed sharing a variety of delicious foods representing various cultural backgrounds. These dishes prepared by staff, included India, Greece, Nepal, Malta, Italy and of course our famous Aussie pies with sauce.

Long tables were decorated with a selection of national flags from residents’ backgrounds, and the meal was shared as one great big family. Arnold Eaton, John Nicol and Joseph Cammileri enjoyed double serves of Khin Khin’s (staff member) special fried rice and Gautam Talwar’s (staff member) Turmeric baked potatoes. And really, who could blame them, the meal provided a myriad of flavours and aromas which would tempt any palate.

The meal finished with dessert and Greek Melomakarona biscuits, which Graham Simpson and Peter Diamantakis particularly enjoyed.

Although we embrace our diversity daily, it is meaningful that we come together to celebrate our various backgrounds as one big family for Harmony Day.

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