Christmas Comes Early

October 3, 2019

There were smiles all round when Christmas came early for residents at Mayflower Reservoir.

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Mayflower Reservoir residents, staff and volunteers celebrated Christmas in July with a winter wonderland and a traditional holiday feast. The midwinter celebration featured festive meals, entertainment, and a good dose of Christmas spirit.

Residents loved the blue and white winter wonderland theme consisting of snow flakes, snow men, reindeers and a brightly lit white-twig Christmas tree.

“We are fortunate to have so many beautifully decorated magical events here,” said residents Tony and Peter, “praise our lifestyle.”

The party kicked off at midday with a traditional Christmas lunch consisting of roast turkey and ham accompanied by roast potatoes and pumpkin, with plum pudding for dessert. After some wine and beer, residents were up and ready to dance the afternoon away to tunes from entertainer Sam Milan.

Resident Janis says that Sam is one of her favourite entertainers. “We always love it when Sam Milan visits, he knows how to get us up on our feet,” Janis said. Resident Norma wholeheartedly agrees, “the songs were evergreen, and brought back many nice memories.”

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