Continence is no laughing matter

June 30, 2019

Over 6 million Australians suffer from debilitating bladder and bowel incontinence, with the majority able to be cured through a simple exercise.

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Continence Australia recently launched their ‘Laugh without Leaking’ campaign to bring awareness and humour to a simple change that can improve lives.

Up to 7 in 10 Australian aged care residents are affected by bladder and bowel leakage, which can be helped through correct daily pelvic floor muscle exercises.

Melbourne Comedian, Bev Killick helped launch the Laugh without Leaking campaign, saying “There’s a significant proportion of the population for whom laughing out loud is just not an option, no matter how funny they find a routine. Laughing out loud literally involves weeing themselves laughing. I know this personally, as for most of my life I was one of those people”.

Women make up 80% of reported incontinence sufferers, particularly those who have had a baby. Strong Pelvic floor muscles are vital for both bladder and bowel control, with many people not aware of how to exercise these critical muscles.

Incontinence can be a source of embarrassment, with many people suffering in silence, but Bev’s ‘Laugh without Leaking’ videos provide much-needed information in a light and informative way, helping us discuss the issue of incontinence and how to reduce your risk.

More information is available at where you can follow along with Bev, the Continence Champion, and learn the correct (and discreet) way to integrate your pelvic floor exercises into your daily routine at

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