Decorating with Decoupage

December 31, 2021

Walking into Lidia's room will have you speechless as you see her stunning display of vases and trinket boxes.

At first glance, you may think Lidia has spent countless hours painting tiny flowers on her vases. Or wonder at the intricate inlay work on her trinket boxes.

Lidia And Charlotte Lr

Pictured above: Lidia enjoys a cuddle and a visit from guinea pig Charlotte. In the background you can see some of Lidias incredible artwork on vases and trinkets.

But Lidia is an artist of a different kind.

Lidia loves nothing more than to spend an afternoon elbow-deep in découpage.

Decoupage is the timeless art of decorating an object, such as a vase or even furniture, in intricate cutouts. The cutouts are glued in layers until the object is completely covered.

More glue, such as PVA glue, or varnish is applied to seal the artwork. Pictures are sourced from old magazines, photos, or special papers – with each item painstakingly cut out to perfection.

Once varnished, the paper layering gives the incredible effect of a painted object, like Lidia’s stunning vase below, covered in tiny pink flowers.

Lidia Decoupage