Diwali Lights

November 14, 2022

Mayflower team members and residents are a diverse and multicultural group of people, with stories and cultural experiences to share with each other. And, one of those special unique experiences is Diwali, the festival of lights.

To celebrate new beginnings and the triumph of light over darkness – Hindus around the world come together over a 5-day festival. It is also well-favoured for the culinary delights that are shared among friends of all backgrounds to mark the occasion. 

Pictured above: Chris with lifestyle coordinator Helen, looking incredible in a lovely blush-pink sari.

Each year, our teams and residents across Mayflower come together to celebrate, donning colourful suits and saris to dress for the occasion. 

Mayflower Reservoir sparkled with lights, and earthen lamps as people of all nationalities celebrated Diwali together.

A spectacular dance performance to Bollywood-style music was a big hit, with residents enthralled by the bright and lustrous colours of the saris.

After dancing and learning about the traditional Indian celebration, our multi-cultured residents enjoyed a feast of Indian delicacies, all prepared by our in-house chef. Delicious!

The Mayflower Brighton team were encouraged to don traditional attire from all cultures, and enjoyed an afternoon tea to celebrate.

Residents were delighted to see the brightly coloured saris, suits and more.

Wearing something different and colourful inspires conversations – helping to build stronger connections with residents and brightening their day.