Dress Shoes a Real Winner

January 6, 2021

Annie has historically found it difficult to find adequate footwear to accommodate both function and fashion, which we ladies know is very important.

She had just one pair of shoes that were comfortable, a pair of new balance runners, but she really wanted a nice pair that she could wear as a dress shoe.

Unfortunately, any dress shoe she found did not support and stabilise her foot enough to walk in. Then, when COVID-19 hit in March of 2020, it put an end to Annie’s shopping for suitable shoes, much to her disappointment.


Pictured above: Podiatrist Tara wins over Annie with her new dress shoes

With Empower introducing their new podiatry solution; assessment, fit and supply of footwear, we could finally look at getting Annie some new shoes.

Tara found a pair Annie loved, that looked good and would also accommodate and support her foot.

“We measured her up for size and swiftly ordered the chosen pair.  They arrived just in time for the easing of restrictions and Annie is delighted with them,” says Tara.

Tara loves visiting Annie who is originally from Scotland and worked for many years in Melbourne as a nurse.

“We instantly had a lot in common as I trained to be a podiatrist in Scotland. Our podiatry consultations always include sharing stories of our experiences in her home country,” says Tara

“Annie is very close with her two nieces who both live in Victoria, so when the pandemic hit in March it became quite an isolating experience for her. Through our many consultations, we discovered we both had a passion for travel. Now, at every visit, we make sure that we have time to share experiences and photos from the places we have been,” she says

“It has been a great escape, for both me and for Annie, from all the difficulties in the world this year. I think I look forward to our consultations just as much, if not more than Annie does. Our next travel destination is France, Annie’s favourite place to visit, and also one of mine.”