Easter Delights: A Recap of Our Joyful Moments

April 12, 2024

The joy of Easter infused our communities with an abundance of joy and merriment this year, as residents, families, and our team came together to celebrate and enjoyed a visit from a special visitor – the ‘Easter Bunny’.

Beginning his journey at Mayflower Brighton, the Easter Bunny hopped his way through to Mayflower Reservoir and concluded his visit at Mayflower Edith Bendall on Easter Sunday. With a basket full of chocolates and a heart full of cheer, the ‘Easter Bunny’ brought smiles to all he encountered, embodying the spirit of giving.

June and the Easter bunny sitting on a bed with a large basket of Easter Eggs
The Easter Bunny visited each room across Mayflower. Here, he is pictured with June - at Mayflower Brighton.

At Mayflower Brighton, the Easter Bunny's visit was met with great anticipation, as residents eagerly speculated about his identity. Much to their delight, the secret was unveiled, revealing James, a high school student from Xavier College, as the bearer of Easter joy. This heartwarming surprise exemplified the spirit of community and shared traditions across generations.

Residents of our Brighton community have also been watching chickens hatch – with an egg incubator keeping the eggs warm until they each hatched. 12 baby chickens in total made for a hot spot of activity – where everyone was offered a cuddle with one of the little hatchlings. The hatchlings were made available for adoption – with many team members taking on the opportunity to have a new ‘baby ’in their homes.

Meanwhile, at Mayflower Reservoir, the celebrations were equally spirited, with residents and our team alike embracing the joyous atmosphere. From egg and spoon races to raffle draws, the day was filled with laughter and excitement. The sight of our team adorned with bunny ears and Easter hats added an extra layer of delight to the occasion, fostering a sense of unity and shared enjoyment. This year, it was Enrolled Nurse Reesie’s husband who volunteered to wear the full bunny suit – and we couldn’t be more grateful for his kind gesture.

Decorated with colourful banners and cheerful bunnies, the events room at Mayflower Reservoir provided the perfect backdrop for their Easter party.

Preparations are now underway for Orthodox Easter in May, ensuring that all residents can partake in the joy of the season that aligns with their culture and belief.

At Mayflower Edith Bendall, the festivities took on various forms of fun, including a lively Easter Bonnet parade, Easter crafts and cookie baking and decorating, as well as a raffle draw! On Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny surprised residents with the cookies residents made and decorated, along with much anticipated Easter eggs! The scent of hot cross buns also filled the halls with nostalgia for morning tea.

Each location also held Easter Chapel Services – generously organised by local priests and ministers – to empower residents to practice their faiths during this traditionally religious celebration.

As we reflect on these Easter celebrations, it's evident that they embody the essence of what Mayflower stands for – creating moments of joy, connection, and belonging for residents.

With a commitment to honouring individual cultural, religious, and spiritual needs, we strive to make every day a celebration of life at Mayflower.

3 Mayflower staff members standing next to the Easter bunny and his large basket of eggs.
Our team didn't miss their opportunity to also have a visit and receive a sweet treat!
Winner of the 'Guess the eggs' competition Liz, standing next to her Father James, holding the prize of a large container  of Easter eggs.
At Mayflower Brighton, James' daughter Liz was the lucky winner of the 'Guess the Eggs' Eggstravaganza competition!
Small child receiving an Easter rabbit chocolate from the Easter bunny.
Easter at Mayflower Reservoir was a multi-generational celebration!
Angela receiving her Easter basket prize from a team member at Mayflower Reservoir.
Pictured above: Angela was one of the lucky raffle prize winners at Mayflower Reservoir.
A resident in a wheelchair and a Mayflower team member participating in the egg and spoon race.
Pictured above: The annual egg and spoon race was a real hoot!
Mayflower team member Rosemarie helping resident Margaret decorate an Easter bunny cookie.
At Mayflower Edith Bendall, cookie decorating was just one of their many highlights. Pictured here Rosemarie lends Margaret a helping hand.
Volunteer Jodi standing next to a resident at Mayflower Edith Bendall
Pictured: Volunteer Jodi brought extra joy to the festivities at Mayflower Edith Bendall.