Empowering Lives: Nicole's Dedication to Fundraising and Giving

September 26, 2023

Nicole, our Gifts and Giving Coordinator, has recently merged her enduring connection with Mayflower with her fervent dedication to fundraising.

A familiar and warm presence at Mayflower Brighton, our very own Gift Shop Manager Nicole now also coordinates fundraising, gifts and giving. Her proactive mindset promises dynamic fundraising events and raffles that will rally the community around a common cause - enriching residents’ lives.

Pictured above: Nicole, a familiar face at Mayflower Brighton, during our Mayflower-wide National Volunteer Week high tea earlier this year.

Nicole’s meticulous coordination ensures each gift contributes to residents’ well-being and lifestyle. Her unwavering dedication shines as she channels her enthusiasm into fostering a positive, lasting impact. “My heart is devoted to enhancing residents’ lives through fundraising and community involvement,” says Nicole.

With Nicole at the helm of Gifts and Giving, Mayflower continues its legacy of empowerment, empathy, and unity, guided by her drive to nurture connection and inspire meaningful change.

Nicole’s first triumph in her new role will be taking her regular Christmas Raffle to a new level of decadence– with 5 incredible prizes to be won. More information coming soon.

Connect with Nicole via her direct email, or drop by Mayflower Brighton to discuss bequests or to learn more about making a tax-deductible donation.