Everyone Belongs at Mayflower - Harmony Week

March 26, 2022

World Harmony Week began on March 21, and was certainly worth the wait.

Each year, our team celebrates the diversity of cultural backgrounds at Mayflower and our beautiful country.

Harmony Week is an international celebration of diversity and awareness campaign that is celebrated in March.

Our Mayflower Brighton team members came together to enjoy a delicious buffet.

The buffet of multicultural food included sticky Chinese sweet and sour chicken, a spicy Indian vegetarian curry, and a crowd-pleasing favourite - our chefs' secret recipe - a scrumptious, crispy Thai salad.

Team members wore splashings of orange to symbolise harmony as traditionally, orange signifies social communication and meaningful conversations. Many team members also wore traditional garments to represent their homelands.

Our Reservoir Mayflower Community also enjoyed delicious foods representing various cultural backgrounds together.

To mark the occasion, long tables were decorated with national flags from residents’ backgrounds, and the meal was shared as one great big family.

Although we embrace our diversity daily, it is meaningful that we come together to celebrate our various backgrounds as one big family for Harmony Week.

Watch the video below, to see how the Mayflower Brighton family celebrated.

Harmony Week at Mayflower Brighton

Watch the video below, to see how Mayflower Brighton celebrated Harmony Week.