Fighting Fit

September 10, 2019

Maintaining an independent lifestyle is essential to our residents, and regular exercise is  integral to health and wellbeing. Mayflower is introducing a range of wellness programs to help our residents maintain their independence, increase fitness levels and meet new friends.

Mayflower resident boxing with a personal trainer

Sarah-Jane Clarkson is a qualified personal trainer who has provided group fitness sessions for Mayflower Brighton Independent Living Unit residents for the past five years. Residents love the opportunity to include a round of light boxing or a gentle weight workout into their weekly routine.

Sarah-Jane tailors fitness programs specifically to the needs of each resident, incorporating light weight and resistance training using resistance bands, boxing, balls and hand weights. “It’s all about keeping it simple and fun,” says Sarah-Jane.

In addition to group fitness classes, Sarah-Jane also offers one-on-one programs and runs Mayflower Brighton’s aquafit class once a week.  Aquafit is a great water-based workout for those with joint or weight issues or those who want to add another form of fun exercise to their fitness program.

Our residents enjoy the variety of exercises offered and love using Mayflower’s excellent fitness facilities, outdoor areas and refreshing swimming pool.

A resident doing a light workout in front of a chair.
Male Mayflower resident boxing with a trainer
A female resident boxing with the trainer
Three Mayflower residents and a trainer sitting in chars and laughing.