Franks Poetry Delights

September 11, 2020

Frank runs a poetry reading session every Tuesday, where a group of like-minded poetry enthusiasts gather around the fireplace to hear him read inspiring and interesting Australian poems.

Each person then takes a turn to discuss the poem and what it means to them, noting how it makes them feel.

Frank sitting in a chair and Reading poetry out loud.

Pictured above: Frank reads Australian poetry to his like-minded audience.

“Poems can help you say, help you show how you're feeling, but they can also introduce you to feelings, ways of being in the world, people, very much unlike you, maybe even people from long, long ago.” - Literary critic Stephen Burt

At Mayflower, we believe in facilitating activities that have a special meaning to residents, while also encouraging them to share their own personal wealth of knowledge and experiences with others.

The poetry session is a shared effort, with each person being able to give and take something from their time together, enriching their lives and building social connections.

Frank carefully considers and gathers poems for each session, with his audience in mind. He then makes copies of each poem, for each person to read along.

Frank’s love of the word started in his youth

Frank shares his memory of a special teacher from his youth, who jump started Frank’s love affair with words.

“He had a gentle Scottish brogue,” says Frank.

“He would always start the class asking each of us what we have learnt recently, and we would need to reply in formal language.”

Frank has been a teacher and school principal, devoting his life and studies to the English language, with a special interest in anthology – collections of Australian Poetry.

Frank values the deliberate and well considered writings of poetry, and the patience and technique it takes to write each one.

“A poet must spend time writing and rewriting each poem to help get their message across,” says Frank.

Frank also loves how each poem has its own tempo, and language unique to the writer.

“I enjoy the rhythms and motions of each piece of writing,” Frank adds.

You can learn so much in a conversation with this extraordinary gentleman - walking away with your own life and heart enriched by his gentle nature and incredible way of speaking

"Words are all we have. Language is a precious gift,” says Frank.

side view of Frank sitting in a chair and Reading poetry out loud, with Barry in a chai in the background.

Pictured above Frank with Barry looking on in the distance.

Charles And Graham sitting in chairs reading poetry from sheets of paper.

Pictured above Charles and Graham read along with Frank, and visibly enjoy the reading.

Frank And Wilma sitting in chairs discussing poetry.

Pictured above Wilma and Frank. Residents are encouraged to participate by expresseing their throughts and feelings about each piece of poetry.