From Canvas to Masterpiece: Residents Showcase Their Talent in Painting Classes

May 4, 2023

Residents at Mayflower Brighton have been attending weekly painting classes, with some truly stunning results.

As each new member joins, they choose a photo they would like to paint and then work on it each week, learning new skills and remembering old ones along the way.

A mayflower resident painting an Autumn scene

Pictured: Daphne works on her autumn-inspired masterpiece.

Under the guidance of our team, residents have been empowered to explore their creativity and experiment with new techniques. Whether experienced painters or beginners, everyone is encouraged to express themselves and try new things.

The classes have become a beloved part of life at Mayflower Brighton, allowing residents to unwind, socialise, and tap into their artistic side. And the results have been awe-inspiring! From bold abstract pieces to intricate landscapes, each painting is a testament to each person’s unique creativity and individuality.

Painting is more than just a hobby. It's a therapeutic tool that has been shown to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve mental well-being.

We are so proud to offer these classes and witness the joy and fulfilment they bring to our community. They also provide a space for our residents to express themselves, explore their emotions, and discover new ways of thinking.

If your loved one wants to explore their artistic side, we invite you to join us at Mayflower Brighton for our painting classes.

A group of residents sitting at a table painting on canvases that are placed on easels

Pictured: The painting sessions are very well received, with residents of all skill levels joining in.

two residents sitting at a table painting on canvases that are placed on easels, one is painting a colourful landscape with pinks, blues, and yellow.

Pictured above: Judy works on her beautiful piece.