Generational Butterflies

October 5, 2020

We think Molly looks beautiful in her butterfly blouse.

Recently while on her regular walk to Café Perla at Mayflower Brighton, Molly was quickly surrounded and complimented by our team.

Molly standing in front of a bamboo plant, holding a photo of her grand daughter, wearing a top made from the same fabric.

Molly proudly holds a photo of her beautiful grand daughter Mia, sporting the same fabric. Mia is now aged 26.

“When I saw Molly, I couldn’t help but tell her what a gorgeous blouse she was wearing,” says lifestyle assistant, Genevieve.

Molly was surprised by all the attention, as the blouse is far from new. In fact, Molly had the vibrant one-of-a-kind piece made by her tailor, more than two decades ago.

“This blouse is 26 years old,” says Molly, and with a smile, “I have a photo to prove it.”

Molly then shared a photo of her granddaughter Mia, wearing the same fabric, when she was just a one-year-old toddler.

“This is my granddaughter Mia when she was just a baby,” says Molly, “I had the tailor make her a dress in the same fabric as my blouse. Mia is 26 now!”

We loved this photo of Molly so much, we needed to share it with you. We hope you are warmed by this special moment just as much as we are.