Gentle Giants Visit Mayflower Brighton

January 22, 2024

Mayflower Brighton recently experienced a delightful visit from two magnificent draft horses - transforming the sensory courtyard into a haven of joy.

Residents eagerly welcomed these beautiful horses, seizing the opportunity to share a few carrots and bask in their gentle presence. The edges of the garden were filled with residents, patiently awaiting their turn to interact with these gentle giants, a brother and sister duo.

This heartwarming visit was a generous gift from W.D. Rose Funerals, for which we extend our sincere gratitude. The smiles and moments shared with these horses have left an indelible mark, creating memories that will be cherished by our community.

Pictured above: Lotta was excited to meet and pat the horses.

Pictured above: Pam is an avid horse lover, dressing for the occasion, Pam has a long history with horses.

Pictured above: Teams from both Mayflower and W.D. Rose united, to bring joy to residents.