Gentlemen Celebrated at Brighton

September 11, 2020

This week small groups of gentleman gathered and chatted over a glass of wine or beer, reminisced about the good ol’ days, their fathers, and special moments with their own children.

Graham showing off his hand made gift bag with a paper neck tie on it.

Pictured above: Graham was pleased to receive his cutomised socks in the hand-made gift bag.

Several socially distanced groups were held as part of our Father’s Day celebrations, in a pub-style setting – complete with Aussie country tunes, Australian poetry, nibbles and a ‘cold one’ – in each area at Brighton.

Social gatherings like these are great opportunities to help residents strengthen social connections with others of similar interests, form new friendships and for some activities, to remain active.

Charles was grateful for the social event and the opportunity to make a new connection.

“I’m so grateful we were able to do this today – I was able to meet a new friend, Tom,” says Charles.

Tom was also pleased to meet a new friend.

“I had a great time, thank you,” Tom says.

Each gentleman across Brighton received a traditional Father’s Day gift during the celebration – personalised socks, complete with their name on them in a handmade gentlemen’s gift-bag.

Tom And Graham sitting and chatting over drinks and nibbles.

Pictured above: Tom and Graham spend time reminiscing about their fathers and fatherhood.

Charles And Tom sitting and chatting over dinks and nibbles.

Pictured above: The beginning of a new friendship. Charles and Tom also spend time reminiscing.

Rodney sitting in a chair posing for this photo.

Pictured above: Rodney joins in the conversation. The special event was for all men living at Mayflower, celebrating all things that make them special.

Mayflower team member Kristina  sitting and chatting to Rodney

Pictured above: Registered nurse Kristina also popped by for a chat.

George sitting in a chair with his gift of customised socks

Pictured above: George enjoyed his surprise gift, hand delivered to his room.