Gin Rummy in the Sunroom

May 1, 2020

Meet John, a delightful resident living at Mayflower Reservoir.

Johnny sitting, playing cards wearing his Bombers jersey.

Cars, footy and cards are Johns passions, and while he can’t watch his beloved Bombers for now, playing cards is making up for that in spades.

John, affectionately known as Johnny, loves nothing better than spending his mornings playing a friendly game of Gin Rummy with members of the Mayflower team, or any other willing opponent that happens to pass by.

Mayflower is working hard to find ways to help residents keep their hands and minds busy during these difficult times, and what better way to achieve this than a friendly game of cards.

During self-isolation card games are made safe and possible by increasing the distance between players, washing hands and disinfecting the cards between rounds. This means that Johnny is feeling comfortable and happy knowing that nothing will get in the way of his passion.

Playing cards is not only a great way to socialise, it also develops concentration, patience and discipline as well as helping residents to relax and unwind.  

Playing a game of cards has even been shown to help preserve fine motor skills by using skills required to grasp, hold, and lay the cards down in a controlled manner.

Many of these skills can be a challenge for older people but they are more easily practiced during an enjoyable activity. By focusing on the game at hand, so to speak, fine motor skills are subconsciously worked on, all while having fun and staying socially connected.

Lifestyle Coordinator Helen believes in a fair game for all and enjoys challenging Johnny’s card playing abilities. “She nearly always wins!” says Johnny jokingly. “I think she cheats!”

Johnny playing gin rummy with Helen.

John has another go at beating Helen in another fun game of Gin Rummy.