Gone Fishin'

January 23, 2020

Residents of Mayflower Brighton enjoyed a scenic and interactive trip to the Australian Rainbow Trout Farm.

Mayflower residents and staff standing in front of a pond holding the fish that the have caught.

Lifestyle staff members Puneet and Alex pictured here with residents Marj, Keith, Betsy and Shirley.  

Fishing is a great way for Mayflower residents to exercise both body and mind, build their confidence and maintain their independence in their day-to-day activities.

On a bright and sunny day in late October residents from Mayflower Brighton boarded the bus destined for a fun, active and relaxing day of fishing.

The trout farm, located in Macclesfield, is set amongst the rolling hills of the Dandenong Ranges, just outside Emerald, in picture-perfect scenery fit for a postcard!

With Kangaroos, chickens, sheep and other farm animals roaming the grounds, residents were taken back to a time when they enjoyed farm life or fishing in the great outdoors. Resident Betsy Reynolds recalls fond memories of her childhood in South Australia: “I grew up on a farm near the Murray River, and we had chooks of course, and would often go fishing and swimming on the Murray.”

Once the fish were caught, each resident had a turn cooking their very own “catch-of-the-day” on the BBQ provided on the grounds, and after sampling their catch, spent time exploring the many fish ponds and animal pens.

Lifestyle Assistant, Alex loved seeing residents enjoying the great outdoors.  

“It was something new for me and it was not only an enriching experience for residents, but for staff also. It makes me so happy seeing residents smile during special outings that are based around their interests,” said Alex.

He was also very impressed with the catch-of-the-day. “I never knew cooking in the wild would taste so good!” he said.

Brighton Lifestyle Assistant Puneet remarked “it was so so so beautiful there, and so much fun we will definitely have to go again!”

Due to popular demand, another trip to the Australian Rainbow Trout farm is planned for this year.

Mayflower resident Betsy and staff member Alex holding a fishing pole, looking for the best place to cast the line.

Betsy and Alex fish-spotting!

Marj sitting in her walker in the sun looking at a rooster

Marj enjoying the sights and sounds of the farm.

Betsy, Alex, Marj, Shirley and Puneet cook their fish, wrapped in foil, on a BBQ.

Betsy, Alex, Marj, Shirley and Puneet cook up a storm on the supplied BBQ!

Mayflower residents and staff sitting at a picnic table next to a BBQ, eating the freshly cooked fish.

The content group sit down together to enjoy their very own "Catch of the Day!"