Good Ol’ Aussie Cricket Fun

January 29, 2021

Australia Day on January 26th is the day to reflect on what it means to be an ‘Aussie,’ and to celebrate all the wonderful things we love about our beautiful country: our diverse and beautiful land, a sense of a ‘fair go’, a laid-back lifestyle, and most importantly - our people and culture.

Pam And Shirley playing tennis all cricket in the shade

Pictured above Pam bowls and Shirley gets ready to hit the ball, during Brighton's 'Big Bash'

Of course a big part of our culture is the love of sport, and nothing says “Australia Day” more than a friendly game of cricket with your mates.

At Mayflower Brighton, residents came together to have a fun afternoon on their very own cricket pitch.

The ‘Big Bash’ was planned impeccably and was held just a couple of days before the public holiday – to beat the hot weather that was soon to come.

Ann, a keen sportsperson herself, enjoyed getting out in the fresh air with friends while soaking up the sunshine, and she simply cannot wait for the next match.

“It was so nice to do something different, I can’t wait to play it again,” says Ann.

We also have another fun tradition at Mayflower, an Australia Day BBQ that is held every year.

And, as the tradition goes, residents of Mayflower Reservoir felt it wouldn’t be Australia Day without throwing a few snags on the barbie, flying the Australian flag, and having a good yarn.

Staff and family members of course got in the fun, taking part in the fun-filled BBQ celebration of our great southern land.

Ann standing ready to bat in front of the wicket

Pictured above: Ann, poised and ready to bat.

Rosa  itting at a table holding an Australia Day sign

Pictured above Reservoir resident Rosa, wishing all a very happy Australia Day

Debbie, Barb and Alex standing on the owling green.

Pictured above: Lifestyle assistants Debbie and Alex give Barb some helpful tips and encouragement  

Betty sitting in a chair and batting in the cricket game

Pictured above: Our teams ensure everyone has the opportunity to take part, not matter their abilities. Here is Betty getting ready to show us how it's done.

Mike sanding ready to bat while the ball comes towards him.

Pictured here is Mike, bracing himself for a great hit.

Shirley bowling to Jim, while Mayflower residents and staff watch.

Pictured here it's Shirleys turn to bowl for Jim as the crowd watches on.