Happy 90th Birthday Barb – a Short Story.

September 28, 2020

This month, Barbara, affectionately known as Barb by friends, celebrated a significant milestone in her life – turning 90 – and she believes that keeping active is the key to her longevity.

Barb B Siting in her room amongst an assortment of floral arrangements.

Barb has lived near the beach all her life and spent many years enjoying long walks along the Brighton foreshore towards St Kilda beach.

“When I retired from working at the bank, I would go for a walk down the beach at 7am every morning,” says Barb, “and from December to April I would get in and go for swim in the bay.”

The cold waters of the Port Philip Bay didn’t prevent her from having a splash.

“When you first get in the water feels cold,” she says, “but once you get under the water you get used to the temperature and it’s not so bad.”

Barb also travelled a lot of miles on a more global scale, visiting a staggering 22 countries in her lifetime, successfully managing the delicate balance between life and work.

“My favourite destinations were Britain, Norway, Iceland and Austria,” she shares.

Barb doesn’t just enjoy being active. She’s an avid supporter of sport as well.

Barb has loved the Essendon football club since she can remember.

“I have been a member of the Essendon Football Club since 1947,” she says.

Hesitant to ever miss a game, Barb made sure her smiling face was frequently in the stands, cheering on her beloved Bombers.

“I went regularly to watch my team play at the MCG and Docklands, until 2018,” says Barb.

And Barb’s devotion to the Bombers and the MCG didn’t stop there.

“I was a volunteer in the Melbourne Cricket Club museum for 11 years, right up until moving to Mayflower in 2018.”

Barb is also proud of her long career with the ANZ bank.

“I was there for 41 years,” says Barbara, “it was a wonderful place to work.”

When Barb wasn’t working, she spent her time making life-long friends at St Leonards Church, Brighton, who keep in regular contact to this day.

Her supportive community of friends made sure, although apart, that Barb felt special and loved on her big day.

“I had calls coming in all day,” says Barb - who was surrounded by gifts of delicious treats and stunning flowers, which filled the room with a floral scent.

Barb was particularly touched by the gift of a stunning and very large potted purple orchid.

“The people of St Leonards Church sent me this lovely orchid,” says Barb, “my room looks like a florist.”

Although we are all apart, it warms our hearts to see the community of Mayflower friends and families coming together to support each other.

Barbara standing behind a bi Bouquet of flowers.

Barbs room resembles a florist, with gorgeous arrangements of floral delights.

Barbara holding a box full of biscuits and fine chocolates.

Scent wasn't the only sense being delighted. Barb also received a hamper filled with incredible biscuits and chocolates.