Happy Birthday Nessie

April 1, 2019
Nessie and Minnie sitting and smiling for this photo.

Family travelled from far and wide today to celebrate Nessie Kluckhenn’s 110th birthday at Mayflower Brighton today. This sprightly supercentenarian was all smiles, as the media converged on Mayflower to try and find out her secret to long and happy life.

“Don’t let anything bother you,” said Nessie, as she recounted stories of years gone by with a cheeky smile and strong dose of humour.

Nessie is Australia’s oldest living person and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Nessie has lived at Mayflower since 2002, initially in an independent living unit, before moving to Mayflower’s aged care facility in 2016 at the age of 106. Her baby sister Minnie, aged 95, also lives at Mayflower, a couple of rooms away. Both ladies are dearly loved by family who can be seen taking one or both of them out most of days of the week.

Nessie thoroughly enjoyed her day in the limelight, with Minnie at her side, taking the cameras and bright lights in her stride. Nessie’s birthday story aired on Channel Ten and The Project, and further articles featured in the Herald Sun and The Age.

You can view some of the coverage here:

Minnie and Nessie sitting in front of a group of Mayflower Brighton care staff.