Happy Easter!

April 1, 2018

The Mayflower Reservoir community enjoyed some Easter festive fun this month, getting together to design some crafty hats for their own Easter bonnet parade. Staff and residents got into the spirit of the celebration, with lots of dancing, laughter, and even an egg and spoon race.

Group of Mayflower Reservoir staff and residents wearing Easter Hats and Bunny ears

Mayflower is committed to making every day better for our residents by providing genuine, personalised care and support that fosters individual cultural, religious and spiritual needs. Our residents are given the opportunity to celebrate Easter in a way that is meaningful to them, with services held for both Catholic Easter and Orthodox Easter which occurred a week later.

During the Easter celebration residents were offered special treats which relate to the season, hot cross buns, chocolate Easter eggs, traditional Greek shortbread and dyed red eggs. Eggs have been associated with the Christian festival of Easter since the early days of the church. For Orthodox Christians the color red represents the blood of Christ, the shell symbolises the Tomb of Christ, while the cracking of the eggs represents the resurrection.

Helen, Mayflower Reservoir’s Lifestyle Coordinator, says staff enjoyed the day as much as the residents.

“Our residents really love seeing all the staff getting dressed up and giving it their all. And the staff loved being involved too. Some of our people even came to the facility in their own time to help make the day a success. I really can’t thank the Reservoir staff enough for their participation and support in making events like these a success.

“But I love seeing the enjoyment and the appreciation on the faces of the residents most of all. At the end of the day that is what we come to work for. We’re here to put a little bit more happiness in every residents day.”

Female Mayflower resident holding an Easter Basket full of chocolate eggs., standing next to a lifestyle team member.
Mayflower team member holding an Easter Basket.
Mayflower team member and resident dancing a the Easter celebration.