Hats off to Easter

May 23, 2019

Easter celebrations reached full swing at Mayflower Reservoir in the week leading up to this much-awaited holiday period.

Mayflower resident smiling and wearing an Easter hat.

Mayflower staff, residents and families worked hard preparing Easter treats, bonnets and outfits to celebrate. The annual Mayflower Reservoir Easter Bonnet Parade kicked off with a colourful display of hats decorated with rabbits, flowers, chickens and eggs.

Staff joined in the festivities, dressing in rabbit outfits during the parade. Arnold Eaton and Margaret Plumbe were deemed the winners of the parade with their brightly decorated hats.

But the fun didn’t stop there with the hotly contested annual Easter egg and spoon race, which saw residents racing up and down the lounge room, coloured eggs at hand. Winners of the races included Tony, Janis  and Margaret.

The afternoon concluded with a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny who handed out chocolate to all residents and had the honour of drawing the Easter raffle. Hamper winners Shirley, Joe, Graham and Stevan were all delighted with their chocolate stashes!

Man wearing a decorated Easter hat.
Mayflower residents participating in the Easter hat parade.
Mayflower resident wearing a blue Easter crown.
Mayflower resident wearing a pink Easter hat.
A mayflower Resident and her family member celebrating Easter.
A mayflower resident getting a chocolate rabbit from the Easter Bunny
A man in an Easter hat, holding an Easter basket standing next to a Mayflower team member.
A woman sitting in a chair wearing a pink Easter crown and holding an Easter Basket.
A woman sitting in a chair, holding an Easter Basket full of chocolate eggs.