Here’s to the Ladies who lunch

May 9, 2019

Squeezing the last out of the summer sunshine, our ladies who like to lunch headed to the sunny Rickett’s Point Café for a recent get together.

Ladies Lunch D

All the ladies at Mayflower Brighton’s aged care residence are invited to the monthly outing. The venue is selected by residents and laughter and good food are guaranteed.

Ricketts Point Café is a favourite beachside cafe in Beaumaris, long famous for its friendly atmosphere and breathtaking water views of Port Phillip Bay. Teresa and Debbie, members of our lifestyle team, accompanied the ladies to this month’s chosen venue.

Teresa says the outing was an outstanding success.

“The ladies really love getting out and about,” she said. “They love eating something different, love the different sights, and love being out in the sunshine and driving past places that they used to visit.”

The food was excellent too. Although Teresa’s lunch choice of a sandwich caused great frivolity and some gentle teasing for being ‘boring’, when compared alongside the seafood delicacies ordered by the other ladies. A chilled glass of white wine accompanied the meals, followed by a short, relaxing stroll along the promenade.

This monthly lunch date is designed for all of our ladies, including those less ambulant, with venues chosen that are accessible and which provide something a little different.

Ladies Lunch
Ladies Lunch F (1)