Home Care Package Level 2: What to Expect

May 1, 2021

With thanks to Australia’s ‘My Aged Care’ program, senior Australians can continue living comfortably in the familiarity of home - with top-quality support and care.

The Home Care Packages Program includes funding for four varying levels of care.

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Pictured above: Mayflower homecare team member Christine provides quality and individualised support.

Each level is designed to provide the right amount of funding for you or your loved one, with the following care needs.

  • Level 1: Basic care needs
  • Level 2: Low-level care needs
  • Level 3: Intermediate care needs
  • Level 4: High-level care needs

Here’s what you need to know about the Level 2 Home Care Package, from what it is and who it’s for, to what care services it can cover, so you can continue living life your way.

Who is Eligible for a Level 2 Home Care Package?

Level 2 Home Care Packages are designed for people with what are classed as ‘low-level’ care needs.

What this means is, if you are comfortable taking care of most of your day-to-day activities, but need a little bit of extra support beyond basic care, you could qualify for a Level 2 Home Care Package.

As an example, you might need help with getting to appointments or out-and-about, with grocery shopping and errands, or perhaps occasional cleaning around your home. These would all be considered low-level care needs.

You may also need more hands-on help around your home and some personal care assistance - this could also be considered low-level care.

It’s important to note that, since everyone’s situation is different, and each person is unique, each Level 2 Home Care Package will be different, too.

In order to qualify for a package, you will need to meet with an Aged Care Assessor, who will determine the type and level of care you or your loved one need.

What Services Are Provided in a Home Care Package Level 2?

The services you receive through a Home Care Package aim to empower you to stay at home while remaining well, independent, safe and connected to the people, community groups and services that matter most to you.

Level 2 Home Care Packages can include any of the following:

  • Home maintenance and cleaning services
  • Assistance to get out and about
  • Social support
  • Personal care assistance
  • Low-level nursing care
  • Allied health services
  • Nutrition support
  • Managing your medications
  • Assistive aids and technologies

Keep in mind that Home Care Package funding must be used to support your care needs.  Everyday expenses such as housing, groceries, entertainment, and holidays won’t be covered.

Home Care Package Level 2 Fees and Funding

Familiarising yourself with home care fees and funding will help you get the most out of your in-home care plan.

The maximum funding you can receive for a Level 2 Home Care Package is approximately $15,877 per year (or $43.50 per day, as of July 2021). However, you may be asked to contribute towards the cost of your care if you are able to.

If the government determines that you have the financial means to contribute to the cost of home care, you will be asked to pay an income tested care fee.

The maximum income tested care fee ranges from $5,879.85 per year for part pensioners to $11,759.74 for self-funded retirees (at March 2022). Pensioners do not pay the income tested care fee.

Some care providers also charge a basic daily fee. The maximum daily fee that can be charged for a Level 2 Home Care Package is $10.66 per day.

To make things simpler, and more accessible, Mayflower does not charge a basic daily fee, helping to make your care services more affordable.

How Many Hours are Included in a Home Care Package Level 2?

The hours of home care service you’re eligible for will vary depending on the type of care you’re receiving and what your care plan looks like. In general, though, you can expect about 3-4 hours of in-home assistance per week through a Level 2 Home Care Package

Once you’ve qualified for a Level 2 package, you can partner with an approved provider like Mayflower to create a personalised care plan that ticks all the boxes.

If your care needs evolve and you move up to a higher care package, Mayflower can adapt your care plan accordingly. This way, you can remain living comfortably at home and receiving high-quality care with a team that knows you well, without having to find another provider.

Find Flexible Care and Peace of Mind at Home with Mayflower

Whether you qualify for a Home Care Package Level 2 or you’re just beginning to explore your in-home care or residential aged care options, connect with us at Mayflower to learn more about our services in the Northern Melbourne and Bayside suburbs.