How To Make a Senior Plumber Smile

April 29, 2020

At Mayflower we love to get to know our residents as individuals, embracing their personal interests and hobbies, to help build connections and nurture meaningful engagement in activity.

Graham Crop Low Res

Graham, a well-known and much-loved resident of Mayflower Brighton, enjoyed a long and successful career as a Plumber as well as a Plumbers Examiner for TAFE colleges statewide, and plumbing has remained one of his great passions.

Just recently, Graham wasn’t feeling his chipper self. When seeing this, Nicole our Gift Shop Manager, thought to herself “what could cheer Graham up?”, and had an idea that changed the course of Graham’s week.

Knowing him well, Nicole was able to spring to action and put in a couple of calls to well-known plumbing supply companies, Reece and Bursons, who were more than happy to get on board with Nicole’s plan to surprise Graham.

Each company donated a large bag of merchandise for their fellow senior Plumber that included a hat, t-shirts, beanie and other fun goodies.

Graham was given such a lovely surprise he just couldn’t stop beaming. He couldn’t wait to don the merchandise either. Check out the photos below!

Mayflower would like to say a big thank you to Reece and Bursons for sparking joy during these challenging times and a special thank you to our lovely Nicole for caring for our residents in such a warm way. You have all made an impact on, not only Graham, but on everyone who witnessed your act of kindness and generosity.

Graham Front Crop Low Res

Pictured above and below Graham models his new Reece beanie and t-shirt in a lovely shade of royal blue.

Graham Back Crop Low Res