Interactive Tovertafel a Hit at Mayflower Reservoir

January 25, 2024

The million-dollar grant, awarded by the Department of Health and Ageing continues to make a a big difference at Mayflower Reservoir , where recent enhancements now feature the introduction of an innovative interactive games table - known as the Tovertafel.

This cutting-edge addition has become a focal point of enthusiasm, particularly within the vibrant community of Murray House residents. Delighting in a myriad of games, the diverse offerings of the Tovertafel have become a source of joy, with anticipation building for even more interactive experiences to come.

The infusion of technology, illustrated by the Tovertafel, signifies a dynamic and engaging solution that injects joy and fosters interaction among residents, their family members and our team alike. We are pleased to see the enthusiastic participation of family members and other visitors - helping foster a sense of family, fun and community engagement.

The benefits derived from this state-of-the-art technology are many. Some of the many benefits include the positive impact on residents' hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, physical fitness, mood and social aptitude. The Tovertafel, serving as a truly interactive and multisensory experience, responds to touch while employing sound, light, and movement to captivate and sustain participants' engagement and attention, reducing boredom and increasing an overall sense of well-being.

The interactive nature of the Tovertafel provides constant cognitive stimulation. Engaging with various games and activities on the table also helps stimulate different areas of the brain, promoting mental alertness, and memory support - making it a preferred activity for many living with dementia.

In essence, the Tovertafel stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in aged care, seamlessly blending entertainment and therapeutic elements. Its introduction compliments the enriched environment, that not only entertains but also enhances the overall well-being of all living at Mayflower Reservoir.

Tovertafel - the interactive games table

According to Tover, "Tovertafel’s interactive games are specifically designed for seniors living with dementia and can be played individually or in a larger group. They are proven to be effective at physical, cognitive, social, and sensory levels. Stimulating movement, social interaction, and moments of happiness."