It Was Pancakes Galore on Shrove Tuesday

March 18, 2022

Flipping isn’t just for gymnastics, it comes in handy on Shrove Tuesday, too. You might know ‘Shrove Tuesday’ as ‘Pancake Day’.

Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday is a religious celebratory day, to use up ingredients before fasting. The special day has become popular among sweet tooths around the world, as a great excuse to have a stack of pancakes without the guilt.

Residents at our Brighton and Reservoir homes enjoyed home-made pancakes, with plenty of options for toppings. The most popular choice? Lemon and sugar, of course.

Crowds gathered as the enticing aroma of pancakes filled dining rooms, with residents eager to enjoy the afternoon treat while listening to some happy music and chatting with friends.

Pancakes Galore on Pancake Day

Watch as residents enjoyed their pancakes, their way.