At Mayflower Edith Bendall, Jack Remembers.

May 9, 2024

Anzac Day holds a special place in Australian hearts.

It is a time to honour and remember those who have fought for our freedom.

Across Mayflower, we embrace this tradition wholeheartedly, marking the day with heartfelt Anzac Day services each year.

A Spotter Recalls

Pictured here is centenarian Jack, a true hero and veteran of World War II. His recollections of service in various regiments adds a personal touch to the day's significance. Jack has also written a book;  'A Spotter Recalls.'

At Mayflower Edith Bendall, an exhibit is placed on display each year – with various artifacts and memorabilia of the Anzacs.

This very special exhibit stands as a tribute not only to Jack but to all who have served, reminding us of the sacrifices made for our country's freedom. Our ceremonies include solemn moments of remembrance, accompanied by the comforting warmth of shared morning teas. These gatherings offer a chance to reconnect with friends and reflect on the enduring importance of honouring our past as we move forward together.

Lest We Forget.