Joyful Christmas Celebrations Across Mayflower

January 15, 2024

As the festive season unfolded, our Mayflower Reservoir, Brighton, and Edith Bendall communities embraced the spirit of Christmas with warmth, joy, and a series of heartwarming celebrations.

And, special memories were made and shared, between all in our communities.

Here is the breakdown of the Mayflower Christmas season:

Mayflower Reservoir: A Musical Affair with Frank Rizzo

The Mayflower Reservoir community kicked off its Christmas celebrations with an unforgettable afternoon party featuring joyful Christmas melodies of regular Italian singer Frank Rizzo.

Santa Claus, embodying the true spirit of giving, made his rounds once again, ensuring every resident received a pampering gift. Those who couldn't join the festivities in person were not forgotten, as Santa personally delivered their presents to their rooms. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and joy as residents and team members gathered for a delightful afternoon tea, accompanied by dancing and festive attire.

The fun event concluded with a Christmas raffle, with happy winners taking great prizes home.

Mayflower Brighton: A Month of Festivities

At Mayflower Brighton, the festive spirit was infectious, with team members donning festive wear from the very start of December. Residents enjoyed a trio of grand occasions, including two cherished traditions and a new celebration.

The Christmas happy hour party, complete with wine and nibbles, provided a lively atmosphere for residents to share in the holiday cheer. The Mayflower Singers, the choir group of Mayflower Brighton, added to the festive ambiance with a captivating carol performance during the family Christmas carol night. The evening continued with a lively performance by Mandy, a regular and beloved entertainer, with families and children joining in the joyous celebrations.

Local performer Lorenzo, along with the Allison Monkhouse team, continued the merriment with their annual Christmas carol event just before Christmas. Classic carols like Silent Night and Jingle Bell Rock echoed through Mayflower Brighton, spreading joy and holiday spirit. The generosity of the Allison Monkhouse team extended to a delightful morning tea with treats fit for a high tea experience, with residents expressing gratitude to all involved.

Mayflower Edith Bendall: A Full Afternoon of Celebration

Residents at Mayflower Edith Bendall were treated to a full afternoon of celebration, featuring live music by music therapist Flora, plenty of dancing, and an early Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. Our Mayflower Edith Bendall team showcased their Christmas spirit with plenty of festive attire, ranging from glamorous outfits, ‘ugly sweaters’, to Christmas Elf costumes. Chief Operations Officer Simon also joined in the festive fun, donning an 'ugly sweater' in unison with our team. Santa Claus made a special appearance, ensuring every resident, including those in their rooms, received thoughtful gifts.

Read more about our Mayflower Edith Bendall community’s special day here.

Mayflower Brighton Independent Living Luncheon

Mayflower Independent Living Residents experienced a delightful pre-Christmas fine dining treat, where our CEO, executives and managers stepped into the roles of attentive wait staff. The tables were adorned with a captivating blend of purple and gold, accompanied by charming garlands, creating an inviting atmosphere. Our in-house Chef, Yaz, and his team curated a culinary masterpiece, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Amidst the feast, new friendships blossomed between residents, and laugh

er echoed throughout the gathering, adding an extra layer of joy to this special luncheon.

Community Spirit: Christmas Carols and Generosity

Across all Mayflower homes, residents enjoyed several Christmas carol sessions leading up to the special day, thanks to the generosity of local schools and churches. Volunteers from these institutions shared their time, spreading Christmas cheer and creating memorable moments for everyone.

Decorations Galore, Across Each Residence.

For December, each home was covered in Christmas colour, with beautifully decorated trees, super-sized banners, tinsel, garlands, and wreaths - galore! The festive colour and theme brought cheer to all, and sparked conversations and memories, enhancing connected between residents, their families and our team.

Christmas Day: Modern and Traditional Delights

Christmas day itself was a special occasion, marked by a choice of modern and traditional cuisine, bringing families and residents together in the true spirit of Christmas. The communities of Mayflower Reservoir, Brighton, and Edith Bendall truly embraced the festive season, creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of joy and togetherness that will be cherished for years to come.

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